Managed Account Services

Some people would rather have their accounts managed by an expert. Others want someone more knowledgeable to guide them through their early steps. Many professional managers would like to outsource day-to-day management functions. For all these cases, Managed Account Services will do the trick.

We select Account Managers based on proven skillsets and mastery of the myTweetPack platform. Managers must prove themselves expert and trustworthy before we issue an invitation to join the ranks.

We make sure they know exactly how to bring the full power of the myTweetPack platform to bear. We make sure they know exactly how to use it to make your account rocks!

That means you get to choose only from the best of the best. That means you can sleep soundly knowing your account is in capable hands.

That means one less thing for you to worry about.

What We Mean by Managed Account Services

In a nutshell, Account Managers act as you. They grab hold of the reins and gallop away.

They do the work. You reap the benefits.

More specifically, Account Managers do this. . .

Initial Set-Up

  • Create and set-up your myTweetPack account if it does not already exist. If it does, we review it to make sure it is optimized.
  • Conduct an interview to learn more about you and your needs. That intervew can either be by phone (US & Canada only) or by email. It should take thirty minutes to an hour.
  • Select and set-up your Alphas.
  • Create your account defaults for retweeting, Packmates, min/max activity etc.
  • Link any of your applicable content sources to your account via custom RSS or ATOM feeds. It's a long list ranging from blogs to YouTube to Big Media to LinkedIn articles to beBee articles etc.
  • Create IFTTT applets to cross-post your content to other platforms. (Note: May require direct temporary access to those platforms which may not be possible. This function is on a best efforts basis.)
  • Build your initial Potential Follows lists.

Ongoing Management

  • Clean the account if you are following many more people than follow you.
  • Optimize follows/unfollows to ensure account stays "right side up."
  • Maintain and build on your Potential Follows list.
  • Manage follows/unfollows. (You can still follow and unfollow manually as you please)
  • Track and act on Aplha activity
  • Monitor Tweets to ensure acceptable success rates
  • Strategize and restrategize as required
  • Implement those strategies.
  • Optimize Alpha selections
  • Monitor RSS feed activities and act as required.

Initial Set-Up

Ongoing Management

What You need to do

Nothing much really. You only have a few things to do. . .

  1. Pick a Manager.
  2. Complete the form below.
  3. Take the Manager's call/email.
  4. Take the set-up interview call/email meeting.
  5. Pay the invoice.
  6. When you see something you want to share, use the Share-to-Twitter button and add #pack! the the text box that pops up.
  7. Create your content like you usually do.

The Account Manager does the rest.

The Plans

Note: Managers may sell for less.

Three-month Pre-Plan

Under this plan, you agree to an initial three-month term. Before the end of that term, we will invite you to ether continue with monthly payments or to upgrade to an annual plan. Use this plan if you prefer a test run or if you just want an initial guiding hand.

The monthly fee per account is $99-USD. There is also an initial set-up fee per account of $99-USD. You will be be billed $396-USD for the first three months per account. Note: Pricing is fixed for any committed term but is subject to change at any renewal.

Annual Plan

If you agree to a full year of account management, we ignore the set-up fee and discount the service. Your bill will be $1079-USD per account for a full year.

Why so cheap?

We manage your accounts using the full power behind myTweetPack. That means we don't spend a ton of time managing. We can pass those savings on to you. It's a win-win.

Please Note

Fees quoted do not include myTweetPack membership fees. A membership is required for each account under management. If you are not an existing member, membership fees will be added to the managed services invoice.

Learn more

Note: Completing this form does not commit you to anything more than a contact from us. Once the Manager determines the scope of work required he will send a proposal in the form of an invoice. Payment of that invoice signals your acceptance and the start of the managed service(s).

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