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How to be an Alpha Wolf: Lynda's Now Doing Twitter Right (end week 2)

Posted: 2017-01-17 13:42:16

Photo Credit: International Wolf Center - Don Gossett

Okay, so the title here is a bit of a misnomer. It should really read "Lynda's Now Doing Twitter Right (end week 2 and 2 days)" but that just sounds weird.

So "end week 2" it is.

To those of you arriving late to the party, Lynda Spiegel and I decided to conduct an experiment. Lynda wasn't seeing much value in Twitter. I saw tons. I saw so much value that I put a team together to build a TMS (Twitter Management System, us techies love our acronyms, even just us techie writers).

Lynda agreed to let me take over her account for a while.

These posts are a diary of the results of applying to Lynda's Twitter account.

I need to come clean about something.

I'm not doing all that much.

I'm not Lynda. I don't know what she wants to Tweet or Retweet. Really, she isn't getting the full value from the system. Still, she isn't doing too badly, especially considering that I only spend about 3-5 minutes a day on her account.

Sorry, Lynda, I have a website and public Web App to get operational, not to mention clients I need to write stuff for. Besides, do we really need to spend hours on this stuff?

I say, "Oh, Hell No!"

This was Lynda's account two weeks and two days ago.

Lynda Initial Stats

This is Lynda's account today.

Lynda Stats EOW 2

Not too shabby at all!

Remember that these numbers are for a rolling 28-day period. We've only been at this for two weeks and two days.

That's a grand total of about 64 minutes of my time.

No, not too shabby at all.

Still, it could have been better

If Lynda was adding stuff herself, these numbers would be much better. It only takes a few seconds to grab a Share-to-Twitter and schedule it out. Even les now that we have an EZ Shortcuts page. There you can store and schedule in one shot!

Social media is -- well -- social. Those shares generate engagement.

Hummm, maybe it's time to schedule another call with Lynda?

Let's wait until after the Holidays. (Orignially posted on on December 29, 2016)


myTweetPack was crowd-built on beBee and LinkedIn. It started as just an easy way to build click to tweet links. Through the input of some 47 beta-testers, and over 1700 comments and suggestions from over 600 other people, it morphed into what is very likely the most powerful single-account or multi-account Twitter Management System there is.

Our goal was to create a powerful tool that would be well within anybody's easy financial reach.

I think we succeeded.

Try it for yourself and see. Free trials are now available.

That's when you'll be able to see for yourself just how powerful Twitter can be when done right.

See you in the Packs!

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