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Filtering Your Potential Follows (GRRowth Portal #3)

Posted: 2017-01-05 18:00:44

This post will explain how to filter your Potential Follows list into an actual Follow List. We already discussed the importance of Alpha Wolves. We moved on to building our Potential Follows List.

Now it's time to target that puppy (cub?), and put it to work.

Step 1

Many of you will panic at the thought of working with a database.

Don't. Sit back and relax.

There's nothing you can do to hurt the data.

So, pour yourself a coffee. I have a glass of port and a cigar. (Yes, my wife is out. I'll need to air the place out before she gets back.)

Step 2

From your GRRowth Portal, click Process Follows From Lists. You'll end up here.

Filter View One

Notice that I have 22920 people available for scheduling and that my last scheduled follow is January 28th, at 21:42. Don't do that! I was testing this and scheduled far too far in advance. A week or two's worth is plenty.

It does point out the fact that new follow schedules do not replace old ones. They start after the old one ends.

Having a ton of potential follows is no issue.

If you don't have enough potential follows, hit Add More Tweeps to (you guessed it) add more tweeps.

Look at the button row at the bottom

This form allows for inclusive and exclusive filtering. When you hit Apply Filter to Follow List you will get a count of how many tweeps fit what you asked for. You can then refilter, schedule as is, or ignore those tweeps from future searches.

You are not deleting them! There's no point. You found them once, you'll find them again. Only next time you won't know they don't fit. Besides, our way, you can click RESET All Ignored Users to bring them back.

It's a good idea to periodically bring back and re-ignore. Accounts have a way of changing. Tweeps that didn't fit last month may well fit now.

Filtering is pretty intuitive.

I have a fairly big, very busy account. I try not to follow people with less than 500 followers lest they feel spammed by my tweets. I filter my list using Number of Followers Between (empty) and 500. Then I hit Apply filter.

The system will count how many people have between 0 and 500 followers. That's 10,443 tweeps if you're curious. Then, I hit IGNORE Filtered to remove them from future consideration.

If I make a mistake, I just hit RESET All Ignored Users and, poof, they're back.

If I change my mind, and want to consider tweeps with 350 or more, I can bring them all back and refilter.

Nothing here is permanent. Filter back and forth as much as you like.

Let's Look at the more advanced methods

To get to the advanced methods, click the Toggle Advanced button. It will either hide or show the advanced options. Showing it brings up this additional part of the window.

Filter View One

First of all, notice that I activated the Live Chat for this page. If you get into trouble, click it

Second, relax again. Yes, it's a big web form, but it's just a web form.

There's nothing you can do to hurt your data.

Many people don't use these advanced methods. If you want to play with them, knock yourself out. Nothing is permanent until you hit Schedule Follows Using This Filter. That button won't even show up until after you filter the list.

Make sure what you ask for makes sense. If you ask for tweeps who have follower counts from 500 to 400 you'll get nothing. It's impossible to have more than 500 AND less than 400 at the same time.

Filtering is Easy

Every time you filter your list, you'll get a count of how many people fit the bill. It does not have to be exactly the number you need. The system will schedule the number of follows you asked for and then stop.

When you're happy with your filter, hit Schedule Follows.

You can schedule up to 21 days out. I strongly suggest you don't. Save that for when you go on vacation or something. Five to seven days is best.

Title Photo credit: International Wolf Center - Don Gossett

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