Personal Branding is Important.

(So's making a Living!)

(So's making a Living!)

We all know it. We need to maintain a strong presence on Social Media or get left behind.

We need to control the dialogue about us, or someone else will.

We create content and we need to promote or it fizzles and dies.

We know all that! But, who has the time? And, if we make the time, will it even be worth our while?

You aren't alone. We created myTweetPack to answer those questions.

Who has the time? You do. You just don't know it yet. You're stuck doing repetitious stuff that you don't need to be doing. Yes, it needs to be done, just not by you.

There's no sense in doing something that a server can do better and faster.

Create your content. Let us link it to an RSS or ATOM feed. You create. It promotes itself.

How about sharing other people's stuff? We have you covered there too. When you see something you want to share, hit the Share-to-Twitter button (they're everywhere). Add #pack! to the share text and we will find it and schedule out supporting tweets. Easy-peasy.

Building a Targetted Following, the Right Way

You can waste hours figuring out who to follow. Or, you can do it our way.

We use micro-influencers (we call them Alpha Wolves) to target the most engaged, most active people for you to follow.

Unfollowing: You do need to unfollow sometimes. Unfollowing is not a punishment. It's a necessary part of building your presence. Do it right.

We monitor your activity to make sure you conform to Twitter's follow rules. When you come close to hitting a Limit, we turn on account cleaning to free up some follow room. The oldest follows who don't follow back are unfollowed first.

When you first join, run through the Set Up. It will guide you through.

The second question: How to make it worth our while?

This is the classic question of Social Media ROI (Return on Investment). Whole libraries have been written on that subject. We took a different approach.

The answer is actually hidden in the first question's answer. The trick is to make the I in ROI as close to Zero as possible. That way, the R will be nearly infinite.

Right now, I manage 23 accounts in less than 15 minutes a day. It doesn't take a ton of return to make it worth my while. Better yet, most of my time is spent doing stuff I would have to do anyway!

New - Email Marketing modules

We created a bunch of modules to build email lists and campaigns. Those modules are now part of the myTweetPack System.

Explaining the modules is far beyond the scope of this simple page. To get more (much more) detail including How-Tos and Why-Tos, click here (2.4MB)

Go ahead. Give us a try.

It's Free for 21 days, and cheap after that. You have nothing to lose but that Social Media headache.


Before you go . . .

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To show just how much I appreciate it, I'd like to offer you a FREE Twitter Profile Analysis.

Yes, FREE as in Gratis, as in Gratuitous, as in costs nada, rien, not one red cent, SFA, niente!

You get the picture.

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