There are Two Sides to Personal Branding

You need to create or share great content, and you need to distribute it widely.

You've got the creation/curation part down pat. We help you promote and distribute it. That means we help you build a targeted following because the more people you can reach, the better. That also means we help you promote your content because you need to touch your following several times to make sure they see your message. Who ever heard of an advertiser running a single ad, right?

And, who ever heard of an advertiser running ads on only one medium? myTweetPack also connects to your LinkedIn account, LinkedIn Company Pages, and LinkedIn Showcase Pages. You can automatically post status updates, or you can use Twitter as a social media server and do it automatically.

A Facebook integration is on the way.

Post Promotion is automatic. Just have us connect your content via RSS/ATOM feeds. Post Curation is nearly automatic. Just share to Twitter and include #pack! in the share text. BOOM! it's done.

If you need the full myTweetPack power but don't have the time to manage your account, Check out our Managed Account Services tab above. Hire an expert and get on with your business. You'll be shocked how cost-effective it is.

We do Follower Growth Best!

On Twitter, anyone can follow anyone. Just because someone follows a specific person is no proof of interest or willingness to engage. The same idea holds true for hashtags.

We found a better way. . . Micro-Influencers

We call them Alpha-Wolves. These are big, busy accounts that you share an affinity with. That's right. You choose your own. Choose accounts you want to emulate. Choose accounts you wouldn't mind retweeting. We don't bother with who follows them.

Anybody can follow anybody.

We need more. We need proof.

We don't just follow their followers. We monitor their accounts! We mine your chosen Micro-Influencers' feeds for targeted potential followers. We focus only on those who proved their interest by engaging. Better a rifle than a shotgun, right?

We see who your Alpha Wolves retweet. We see who they mention. We see who retweets them, or you. We see who mentions them or you.

Those are people who have proven their willingness to engage. They have proven their interest in the subject matter. They're the ones we want.

Add in mining Twitter lists for engaged people and you can build a huge reservoir of potential follows in an awful hurry.

That's doing Follower Growth Best.

We Reach your Followers Best!

It's nice to have a big following to talk to. It's nicer to be able to talk to them.

No radio or television advertiser would place a single ad. They place many. To absorb their message, you need to see or hear it. What are the odds of you seeing or hearing any one ad? What are the odds of you seeing a single tweet? Probably about the same.

We let you schedule tweets in rotation. Gone are frankenTweets made up of a ton of hashtags. Rotate through as many hashtags as you like. You can even add mentions to the rotation.

We embraced the One-and-Done concept.

Create your content and you're done. We'll find it, grab it, build a tweet, and promote it for you. Easy-peasy!

For the contributors, we do the same for Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, and The Goodmen Project articles. You just write. The system will promote.

We store all scheduled tweets on our servers. That means we do much of the heavy lifting for you. Life gets in the way, sometimes? We'll top up your tweets from your inventory. It's now safe to go on vacation. Your presence won't suffer.

We've often heard that you can't schedule video for autoplay on Twitter. We beg to differ. As long as your video is less than 140 seconds long, Twitter's maximum, we can do it.

All that repetitive, boring, administrative stuff is History.

You do what you do best, create great sharable content. will handle all the other stuff for you.

Take a look at the feature list at left, or on mobile down below. is your virtual assistant.

Put it to work. You have so much to gain and so little to lose.

On, you can schedule tweets. You can target people and follow them. You can unfollow those who don't follow back. You monitor influencer accounts that you choose (we call them Alphas). You then act on what you find. You can build "Click-to_Tweet" links for your posts.

You can do all that and more for multiple accounts from one log in.

You control when all that happens.

Best of all, it's FAST and it's EASY!

If you can handle a houseplant, even just a cactus, you can do this in five minutes a day or less!

Want to save even more time?
Hire an Expert to do it all for you. This makes things truly fire-and-forget. More, you'll be surprised just how affordable it is.

Come on in. Take a look around. Read some blog posts, especially the Live Case Study where we changed a skeptic's mind about Twitter. Check out our How-To Videos, too.

When you're ready to take it for a spin, sign-up for a free trial.

If you need anything from us, just holler. We're easy to get along with.

After all, you're a packmate now. Packmates help each other out.

How to Handle ROI in Social Media

ROI stands for Return on Investment. Usually, it's pretty simple to work out.

Not so for Social Media!

Nailing down your return on Social Media is next to impossible. Social Media is a long game. Still, you need to figure something out. But what?

Since you can't accurately measure the Return, you need to cut the Investment to smithereens.

If your Investment is low enough, the actual Return on that investment becomes a moot point.

Investment is measured in both Time and Money. You need to dramatically cut the time it takes to have an effective Social presence, AND you need to spend an absolute minimum doing that.

That's where we come in. We give you that BIG social presence with little or no extra effort. We package the whole thing at a low, low price point.

Investment is so ridiculously low that you can't help but have a nice Return on it!

Try it for yourself. You'll see.


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