Personal Branding is Important. (So's making a Living)

We all know it. We need to maintain a strong presence on Social Media or get left behind.

We need to control the dialogue about us, or someone else will.

We create content and we need to promote it or it fizzles and dies.

We know all that! But, who has the time? And, if we make the time, will it even be worth our while?

You aren't alone. We created myTweetPack to answer those questions.

We created myTweetPack to streamline the management of many accounts for professional account managers. Serious amateurs can benefit too, even if they only manage their own account.

It's what we use to manage our own accounts and those of our clients. We made it as easy on us as possible. Every time-consuming action was replaced with server-side code. After all, time really is money. We "solved" the ROI question by cutting the "I" part down to smithereens whether measured in dollars or time. Servers are much faster and cheaper than humans, but they aren't very bright. That's where us humans come in. We're much slower, but also much smarter.

We tell the servers what to do, once. They keep on doing it.

What myTweetPack will take off your plate:

It does all that in a fully responsive web app. myTweetPack works on phones, phablets, tablets, or laptops.

What myTweetPack isn't

myTweetPack isn't a single function, intuitive plaything. It's a powerful, cloud-based suite of tools designed for professional account managers. It isn't beyond the abilities of an amateur, but there is a learning curve. Once you "get" it, you really "get" it!

We suggest you download these Free Guides. They were written for members, but you'll get the idea.

We know that PDFs are horrible on phones, phablets, and tablets. If you prefer, both guides are combined into one eBook on Amazon.

Note: The eBook on Amazon is not Free.

Go ahead. Give us a try.

It's Free for 21 days, and cheap after that. You have nothing to lose but that Social Media headache. Your account management practice will soar to new heights. Or, if you want to partner with us, look into our managed account services.


Before you go . . .

I appreciate your dropping by to look us over.

To show just how much I appreciate it, I'd like to offer you a FREE Twitter Profile Analysis.

Yes, FREE as in Gratis, as in Gratuitous, as in costs nada, rien, not one red cent, SFA, niente!

You get the picture.

We usually charge $25USD for that analysis. You can have it for FREE.

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